urbanism and economy

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Project Description

One of our working themes: How are urban planning and economy linked together? We demonstrate this in our projects, education and research.

– The circular economy has a huge impact. In the project Volksvlijt we researched and designed the consequences of the circular economy for the port of Amsterdam. 

– We made for a retail investor a methodology and a pilot study in a local shopping mall about capitalizing the local economic chains in the area and thereby contributing to employment, education and entrepreneurship.

-For the shopping association Rokin we activated the public space.

– As a follow up of our research about vacant offices we helped an educational institution to transform a vacant office.

– In the neighbourhood Brukske (Venray) we designed several scenarios to redesign a public space. One of the scenarios was to improve the local economy.

– The Apple-E center was about the transformation of a former military site with new programs and activities that helps the local tourism and agricultural industries to grow.

– The Creating Class revolves around the making and craft industry and how neighbourhoods and industrial areas could benefit from each other.

– Before starting URBANOS members of our team joined the competition for a new Red-light district in Rotterdam. We made a scheme for several kind of workers and designed a new space above a tunnel. We were nominated, but didn’t win. Funny story: the web page for this project is our best visited one.


– The role of the local neighbourhood market as an opportunity to set up a small-scale economy and to position a neighbourhood within the city.

– We examined vacant offices by questioning many stakeholders and organizing a round table.


Organisation and assistance of a design studio on The New or Next Economy and how the city of the Bergen op Zoom could be again economical vital after the departure of a large factory.

Organisation lectures on urban planning and economy at the Academy’s of Architecture in Tilburg and Amsterdam.