Methodology and pilot for a sustainable shopping centre

Methodology and pilot for a sustainable shopping centre 2018-07-17T10:11:05+00:00

Project Description

Corio is the second largest owner and investor of shopping centers in Europe. It’s Corporate Social Responsibility ambition is to contribute to the “well -being” of the residents and the “urban regeneration ” of the neighborhood and city threw the enforcement of ” Entrepreneurship , Education and Employment “. Corio NV has asked us to develop a methodology and pilot project how these ambitions could be implemented in a neighborhood shopping mall. Sustainability is understood broadly in the project , it involves People, Planet and Profit .

We have proposed to facilitate local economic chains in the neighborhood and in the city. This gives residents and businesses economic opportunities . Through interviews and discussions with local stakeholders we examined what were the problems and ambitions and which role the shopping center and other stakeholder could play in strengthening the local economy. Then we developed the idea of facilitating economic chains and we made proposals how a mall could help to facilitate these chains by adding new program and facilities and also change spatially. These changes embed the center better in its social, economical and spatial environment and citizens, businesses and shopping district will benefit from this new approach.

The methodology is a further elaboration of the concept Favourite Meeting Places and is now used throughout Europe . Erasmus University is measuring the financial and social benefits impact of projects.

Link to more information about Corporate Social Responsibility Corio and their policies .

Client : Corio N.V. CSR department
Execution : 2013