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An overview of our publications.

Dream Your Own Future is a book about the Volksvlijt exhibition. We wrote the book together with Marieke Berkers, Zef Hemel and Mirjana Milanovic. Thonik was responsible for the graphic design.

Colour outside the borders gives tips and tricks for creative offices that would like to work abroad. We wrote the publication and Sunshine&Apples was responsible for the graphic design.

The Ruta de la Experiencia was  a tactical urbanism project in Quito during Habitat III. Citiscope wrote an article about the project.

The circular port of Amsterdam was an installation for the Volksvlijt exhibition and the Amsterdam news paper Parool wrote about our project.

Our project for the public space of Venray is published in Oog voor de buurt #2 (Eye at the Neighbourhood) (September 26, 2013). You could receive a copy by sending an email to Or take a look at the website

The architecture website Architectenweb published our vision about the economy of 2050. (architectenweb, January, 2013)

The urban planning and landscaping magazine Blauwe Kamer published in April 2012 an interview with our office.

The Juni 2012 issue of the Southeast Asia Building Magazine published our Cruquius project. The project shows new ways of transforming an industrial area into a mixed use neighbourhood.

The results of our research about vacant office space is easy to find by following this link: Vacant offices in the Netherlands  (December, 2011)

The spatial planning magzine RO Magazine published an article about our project the Creating Class. You can read the full article by clicking at the following link”Mobiliseren vakmanschap en talenten wijkbewoners: Creating Class: een samenhangende aanpak van stedelijke vernieuwing” (March, 2012)

Zoeken naar de G-spot” in the magazine Nul20 (November 2009). (searching for the g-spot) was about strategies to find balance between users, buildings, neigbourhood and the available money.


Exhibitions and lectures





The exhibition “To Meet” dealt about the role of public space in getting to know other people. We were invited to exhibited our experiments in the public space in The Hague and Quito.

During the Volksvlijt exhibition 12 designers collaborated in making an exhibition together with the citizens of Amsterdam. We worked on the role of the circular economy for the port of Amsterdam. The exhibition showed what is the definition of a circular economy and what happens to the port if these principles are applied.

At the Future City Festival in Arnhem (Oktober 2012) our project Ecobalans was exhibited. The same project you could see at the Dutch Design Week 2013 at the exhibition “Play the Future – Scenario City“.

The architecture centre of Haarlem (ABC Haarlem) showed our project the Creating Class (March, 2012)

Our prize winning entry Creating Class was part of the New Harloheim exhibition at the Netherlands Architecture Institute. (November, 2011).

Presentations and workshops

We lecture at different universities, symposia, conferences. Pecha Kucha evenings and other events.