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Urbanos was founded in 2010 and has since then worked on various projects. From detailed urban plans to visions for the city of the future. Often we are asked how spatial quality, energy , social and / or environmental problems can be solved. Our first step is to analyze what happens locally: who are the key stakeholders, what are the strong and weak points of an area  and show the results in graphs, maps and threw visual story telling. The next step is to look at what science has discovered about the topic. We join the local context and scientific knowledge into a design, consulting or management process or advice.

We have worked for listed companies such as Corio and Alliander , the National Government (office of the State Architect, embassy of the Netherlands in Colombia, RVO), for small and large municipalities such as Amsterdam and housing associations, community trusts and association of shop owners also know where to find us. Because our approach is differently we have been asked to teach, to speak, to organize lectures, excursions and trainings at different universities and organizations.


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