Call for papers: SPACES IN MIGRATION

Spaces in Migration is the topic of the Los Andes University magazine Dearq. Camila Pinzón (URBANOS) and Juanita Fonseca are guest editors of this magazine.  The Call for papers is open until June 30, 2020. Human migrations have always existed: nomads, labor mobility, forced displacement, [...]

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International Clinic lecture

Ever dreamed of working in France, the USA or Denmark? Other countries offer abundant opportunities for creative industry practitioners. So how do you go about choosing a particular country, or positioning yourself in the international playing field? And how do you build a useful international [...]

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Happy 2020!

We wish you a great 2020! Our year has started in a nice way. We are working on several projects related to inclusion, participatory planning and urban design of public spaces and neighbourhoods. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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Sjees, cycling magazine

The Dutch magazine Sjees reports about the Dutch cycling culture. In Sjees nr 4 Camila Pinzon published an article about the advantages of cycling for the city and society. The debate about the helmet distracts the attention from the positive aspects of cycling. Other policies and [...]

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Provada presentation Inclusive City

Last year AM launched the "Am I Included competition?" about the inclusive city during the Provada. We won this competition and AM wanted to share the results of the competition and the lessons learned about the inclusive city. The best time for this was of [...]

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