Organization of study and business opportunity tour to Colombia

Organization of study and business opportunity tour to Colombia 2017-05-29T12:38:13+00:00

Project Description

The trip was intended to exchange knowledge on urban development and to explore the opportunities for Dutch companies in the field of spatial development to do business in Colombia. We were together with NEZU AYMO Architects responsible for the entire project; from the application of grant funds , recruiting participants , the organization of travel and accommodation , content and logistics of the tour , interviews with local experts and potential business partners , organizing a networking reception , etc. We made a small photo album of the trip: Final travel report Colombia 2014

We communicated the journey extensively. We made a website with general information – – and subsequently through the use social media , through mailings , and through newsletters and websites of partners advertised the trip throughout the target group. Ultimately, a diverse group of participants went with us; from architects to developers and public employees to urban planners and geographers .

The trip was made ​​possible by a grant from the Fund for the Creative Industries and with the help of the Colombian Embassy in the Netherlands , the Dutch embassy and consul in Colombia, Colombia Holland House , RVO , the city of Amsterdam and the participants of the trip. And of course, all the people that were so friendly to talk to us, show us around and help us during the trip.

A travel report is available. Please send an email to

Why Colombia ?

Bogotá and Medellín have won many awards for their urban development in the recent years. With limited resources , these cities are redeveloped by focusing on the strength of their inhabitants, by working together with private parties and by connecting  organic growth of the city with urban planning. In this study , we explored the Colombian approach . Through this transformation Bogotá and Medellín have become magnets for new residents and businesses and are growing rapidly . This growth provides opportunities for Dutch businesses to get started. Through this journey , the participants learned how Colombians works and what our Dutch approach can add to the existing knowledge.  The trip was combined with a visit to the UN Habitat World Urban Forum in Medellin

year: 2014