Organisation of study courses and tours in the Netherlands

Organisation of study courses and tours in the Netherlands 2017-05-19T10:09:02+00:00

Project Description

Dutch urban development is well-known and we organise study courses and tours for international groups to get acquainted with urban planning, sustainable building, building on and around water, Dutch approach, governance and of course cycling. They tours are always tailor-made with lots of visits to projects, well informed lecturers and, if necessary, translation. A few examples:

Tour about sustainable building for Sveriges Byggindustrier Service

From Sweden, a team of Sveriges Byggindustrier Service came to the Netherlands to experience sustainable urban design and architecture. From the airport we left directly to a cradle-to-cradle business park and received explanation from the principal architect. We continued to the new business area Zuidas to see their plans to overpass the free way and in the same place we gave a lecture on the Dutch planning system and finished the visit with a tour and explanation in the most sustainable building of the world.

Dutch approach tour and course for Colombian delegation

In August 2014, we organized the visit of a delegation from Colombia that wanted to learn about the integral approach to sustainable planning in the Netherlands. The visit was the result of a collaboration with the Metropolitan Area of Bucaramanga and the Observatorio Metropolitano. We received an accompany a group of directors of metropolitan areas, majors, politicians and public servants for a week. The group had manifested their interest in the topics of regional planning, policies and collaboration, bike mobility, transit oriented developments, garbage and water treatment. We tailor-made the visit around this topics combining presentations, visits to projects and active biking.

Capacity Building for Chinese Delegation
Along with Urban4 and East Meets West we organized a capacity building training on sustainable urban development for a delegation from the Chinese province of Yang Qing. We organised an intensive week full with visits and discussions.  The group visited different projects, such as:
– The floating pavilion in Rotterdam
– Sun City in Heerhugowaard
– Netherlands Energy Research Centre in Petten
– Sustainable neighbourhood in Culemborg
The participants were especially enthusiastic about the combination of visits and practical discussions with relevant stakeholders. 

URBANOS organizes study tours and training on urban development on request. Besides the groups mentioned also Mexicans and of course Dutch groups have enjoyed our organization. It is possble to book a lecture, walk or an all-inclusive package with food, transport and accommodation.  Interested? Call us or send an email.