Our design studio starts: from industrial town to …… new or next economy

What to do if one of the largest employers of your city leaves; in the case of the town Bergen op Zoom the cigarette factory of Philip Morris closed down and nearly 300o people were left directly or indirectly unemployed. This is one of the [...]

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Will Costa Rican bike?

It's the same story all over the world. Cities are experiencing huge traffic problems and choose to expand their road network, invest heavily in public transport ór they choose an alternative solution and biking is one of those. Bike lanes and parking are essential, but [...]

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Circular harbour campus Amsterdam

Twelve urban designers make during the coming year in an open and active process a vision for the city of Amsterdam. We have been asked to develop and design the circular harbour campus. On April 8, September  9 and somewhere in December public meetings are [...]

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