Creative Challenge Colombia

Creative Challenge Colombia

Twelve creative offices, 6 coming from the Netherlands and 6 out of Colombia, will design innovative solutions for the Batallon San Mateo in Pereira (Colombia). This Creative Business Challenge, commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and supported by the Fund Creative Industries, is a follow-up of the last year’s trade mission to Colombia for the creative industry of the Netherlands. The participants of the mission concluded that it is necessary to work with a local partner. During the creative challenge creative offices will work together to understand each other approaches as a starting point for future collaborations. The challenge is also a great way to build up a local portfolio, network and stay in touch with former contacts. Our office organizes and joins the creative challenge.

Designers, architects and urban designers joined the trade mission and during the creative business challenge the collaborative work will lead to innovative approaches, multi-disciplinary and integral solutions. From the Netherlands the following offices participate in the Creative Business Challenge:

–           wUrck

–           MVSA

–           OeverZaaijer/Lyongo

– `        Mijksenaar

–           URBANOS

The following Colombian offices join the Challenge:

–          ImasD

–          57Uno

–          Opus

–          Latitud

–          Arquitectura en estudio

–           Ruta4

The Challenge in Pereira is selected by the local administration, the Colombian development bank Findeter and the Dutch Embassy in Bogotá.

Are you also interested in the opportunities for design, architecture and urbanism, than take a look at the fact finding that we wrote last year for RVO. Are you convinced and willing to work in Colombia or somewhere else abroad, than download the publication Colour outside the Borders with suggestion for approaches for creative offices that would like to work abroad.


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