Prosperity at BNA Inspiration Day

Update November 26th, 2016: An overview of the BNA Inspiration Day and results is available at the website of the BNA (click here for more info). Also the session about Prosperity that we lead together with Yvette Entius (Dutch Embassy Copenhagen, Business Development Nordics & [...]

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Colour outside the borders

Are you a designer and interested in working abroad? Do read this publication that we made for the Creative Industries Fund. To make this publication we talked to several designers about their approach to enter a foreign market; their experiences are translated into tips and [...]

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Opportunities for design, architecture and urbanism in Colombia?

Which opportunities does Colombia offer for design, architecture and urbanism? During a fact finding mission more than 50 people were interviewed in Colombia and the Netherlands. The final report gives insight in the Dutch offer for the sectors mentioned, the Colombian demand and a strategy [...]

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