Neighbourhood square

Today starts the construction of 't Galjoen in the city Leiden. We designed the square together with the residents.  The houses are designed by GAAGA and the project developers are Ontwerpjewoning and Vink Bouw. At the project page you will find more information about the [...]

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Future City at European Forum Alpbach

The yearly European Forum Alpbach invited Camila Pinzon to contribute to the discussion: Future City: A Green Haven We Can Call Home? Join this discussion August 24 at 20:00 CEST.  In 2018, 4.2 billion people, 55% of the world’s population, lived in cities. This number [...]

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Atlas of Sustainability

The new Atlas of Sustainability has been released, showing the impact of humans on the earth, such as climate change, the depletion of raw materials and the loss of biodiversity. The Atlas also provides insight into the (inter) national agreements that have been made to [...]

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Publication circular neighbourhood

The Dutch urban planning and design magazine Blauwe Kamer published an article about our research by design project Circular Wielwijk. Wielwijk is a neighbourhood in the city of Dordrecht and the ambition was set to make this neighbourhood social en economic vibrant by introducing the [...]

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Conference about circular urban development

The Netherlands is at the beginning of a transition towards a circular economy. This transition demands fundamental changes that will influence municipalities, housing associations and private companies. On the 7th of February, Platform 31 and the Government Architect’s agency organized a conference to share and [...]

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Week of the Circular Harbour of Amsterdam

Week at the People's palace about the circular harbour of Amsterdam The harbour in 2056: a Valhalla for recycling" titled the Parool, the Amsterdam newspaper. The municipality, the harbour, companies, urban planners and many work hard to realize this ambition. On Tuesday 14th of June [...]

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Circular harbour campus Amsterdam

Twelve urban designers make during the coming year in an open and active process a vision for the city of Amsterdam. We have been asked to develop and design the circular harbour campus. On April 8, September  9 and somewhere in December public meetings are [...]

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