Publication circular neighbourhood

The Dutch urban planning and design magazine Blauwe Kamer published an article about our research by design project Circular Wielwijk. Wielwijk is a neighbourhood in the city of Dordrecht and the ambition was set to make this neighbourhood social en economic vibrant by introducing the [...]

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Conference about circular urban development

The Netherlands is at the beginning of a transition towards a circular economy. This transition demands fundamental changes that will influence municipalities, housing associations and private companies. On the 7th of February, Platform 31 and the Government Architect’s agency organized a conference to share and [...]

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Week of the Circular Harbour of Amsterdam

Week at the People's palace about the circular harbour of Amsterdam The harbour in 2056: a Valhalla for recycling" titled the Parool, the Amsterdam newspaper. The municipality, the harbour, companies, urban planners and many work hard to realize this ambition. On Tuesday 14th of June [...]

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Circular harbour campus Amsterdam

Twelve urban designers make during the coming year in an open and active process a vision for the city of Amsterdam. We have been asked to develop and design the circular harbour campus. On April 8, September  9 and somewhere in December public meetings are [...]

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