Apple-E-center: Experience, Energy and Expertise

Apple-E-center: Experience, Energy and Expertise 2017-05-19T10:09:04+00:00

Project Description

Question: concept and strategy to transform a military site
Team: URBANOS and IM.Architects

Concept: The former military site will change the coming years into the Apple E-center. The Apple-E-center strengthens the identity, economy and sustainability of the apple plateau of Natz-Schab. The project aims to add extra quality to the regional and local economy and promotes sustainable energy production. The regional economy is all about apples and tourism and these are at the Apple-E-Center connected by activities focused at Experience and Expertise and then linked to renewable Energy. A major new attraction for residents, businesses and tourists.

Development strategy: The site and the program will be developed organic ally. This means that the spatial, programmatically and financial development is a response to local demand. New activities will be added if the transformation is a success. The new program has to fit within the concept of the Apple E-center. The development strategy is therefore based on a strong structure which fit different functions.

Client: Municipality of Natz – Schabs (Italy)
year: 2012
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