Creating Class: make space for crafts and making industry

Creating Class: make space for crafts and making industry 2016-11-30T15:38:28+00:00

Project Description

The ‘New Harloheim’ competition deals with the question about the role of Haarlem-East in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam. Our proposal Creating Class was nominated out of 33 entries and won the second prize.The CREATING CLASS © is formed by proud craftsmen and active citizens. This concept unites different current trends, such as the importance of innovation and craftsmanship, the importance of the local – for example in the form of local organic products – and the involvement of the public in spatial development. Haarlem East is seen as the centre of the Creating Class and Industry. In this way, Haarlem East adds value to the network city of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area by local production (from creative ideas), supply of craftsmen and special amenities and products.
Creating Class is based on three pillars: the user, accessibility and marketing. The area gives plenty of space to organic initiatives – for example, urban farming, the possibility to build houses, and starting businesses. This creates differentiated zones. At the same time, the public transport tangents and connections of the network will be improved.
The neighbourhoods Schalkwijk, and Parkwijk Zuiderpolder are the nursery rooms of the Creating Class, with space for experimentation and well living in a spacious and green environment. The Slachthuis (abattoir) neighbourhood and surrounding areas are a transition zone between the city centre and business area with plenty of space for small businesses. The former abattoir itself is a multifunctional centre to learn and start business. Welfare, education and companies work together to educate, to start-up business and to professionalise existing companies. The industrial area Waarderpolder gives the Creating Industry the space to grow, to professionalise, collaborate and innovate.Client: Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi), Ymere en municipality of Haarlem
Competition: New Harloheim (prize winner)
Year: 2011

The Creative Industries Fund called for proposals that research the relationship between urbanism and economy. We proposed to make a more extensive research about our concept of the Creating Class. Although the Creating Class was developed for the city of Haarlem but offers more cities opportunities to create a more diverse economy. Out of 56 entries our proposal was selected. The Open Call gave us the opportunity to find partners for our research, make research questions and research approach and to apply for a regular grant.

Assignment: Creative Industries Fund
Year: 2012

The Creating Class keeps on being relevant, for example, in 2015 we were asked to present the project during a workshop about the productive port of Antwerp.