Future Green City College-tour Do Democracy

Future Green City College-tour Do Democracy

Pepijn Verpaalen is the guest of the forthcoming Future Green City Collegetour organizado por Stadswerk. Come along to join the conversation and the workshops. Looking forward to the themes that will be dealt with during the interview, look in the magazine Future green City (here).

Update 11/11 The report of the day is online in the stadswerk magazine.

The Future Green City, the city and the future-proof and sustainable public space, will be designed, managed and inhabited by today’s students in the future. Reason enough for Stadswerk and VHG to organize sessions for their members on relevant topics of Future Green City that are also accessible to students. So that the professional field in the present can meet with newcomers of the near future. We do this in the Future Green City Colleague which, between September 20 and January 17, 2019, visits seven universities throughout the country. Topics covered include circular economy, climate change and security, democracy, energy transition, climate adaptation, leisure versus livability and ecology and health.

13:30-14:30 Collegetour interview by journalist Katja Keuchenius with Pepijn Verpaalen from URBANOS.
Pepijn Verpaalen has participated in urban development projects for associations of entrepreneurs, social enterprises and municipalities. For Verpaalen, the core of democracy is to use the power of other parties. The parties that were previously not involved in urban development (entrepreneurs, residents, social organizations) would like to participate! They want to change the urban environment, contributing financially and / or with time. Himself and without pointing to the church if they have shown equal goodwill. For the government it is important to have confidence, not intervene and, on the other hand, to remain critical of the initiatives. In the interview three topics will be discussed: temporary change of public space, DIY democracy: who are you listening to? and the hyperreality.
14:30-15:30 rround of workshops. Choice of two workshops.
Jules Bongers (BTL advies) talks about the integration of the wishes of the interested parties in the supply process. The final desired image and the level of quality have a price. Does the interested person want to take action while also performing maintenance? Participants will actively experience interaction among stakeholders when working on an installation case in Placemaking. Who plays a role? How do all interests get a place? And all these wishes coincide with the municipal budget for future management?
Marijke Embregts en Claire Evers (Anteagroup) take you in this workshop to the near future to show you which instruments will be used more and more in design processes: augmented reality and games.
15:30-15:45 Short coffee break
15:45-16:15 Design study with a specific problem in a municipality of Limburg.
16:15-17:00 Drinks.

Date, location, costs
Date: October 30 between 13:30 and 17:00.
Location: Zuyd Hogeschool, Nieuw Eyckholt 300, 6419 DJ Heerlen.
Costs: students, invited training, municipal City Work members and VHG members without charge, other city workers € 35.00, non-members € 225.00.

More information?
Here you find all the conferences in the series Future Green City. ¿Would you like to receive more information about the tour? ¿Do you have suggestions or would like to contribute? you can contact Stadswerk’ director Maarten Loeffen at: 0318-692721 or at maarten.loeffen@stadswerk.nl.

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