Intermediate presentation Region of the future

Intermediate presentation Region of the future

BNSP announces the intermediate presentation of the Region of the Future:

“The interim presentation of the Region of the Future will take place on Friday, November 30th, and we will draw up the interim balance of the first results of the Region of the Future.The design teams will present their storyline in broad outline and together we will gain insight into the course. that each team sails.

We are preparing for a series of surprising and inspiring interim presentations from the design teams and are fully engaged in discussions with and among all participants in this meeting: the 8 design teams, parties from the 4 regions, the NOVI team and other government representatives and above all the broad group of colleagues from the BNSP and NVTL. This promises to be a nice moment of debate and inspiration!

The purpose of the interim presentation of the Region of the Future: to gain insight into the ‘storyline’ of each of the 8 design teams and to ‘enrich’ and sharpen their story from a public opinion on the spot! You can register for the intermediate presentation on the BNSP website.” (Text from BNSP)

Camila Pinzon (URBANOS), together with Tjerk Wobbes (Plein06), Anne Loes Nillesen (Defacto), Gerwin Gabry (Kuiper) and Tenesha Caton (Studio Tenesha Caton), is part of the team doing research by design on the possiblities for the circular economy to transform the construction chain in the region Rotterdam – The Hague.  “The question in this region focuses on the relationship between urban development and circularity, with a particular focus on the economic processes that are primarily connected to the urban area: construction, logistics and industry, and we focus on urban areas. How can spatial development contribute to the pursuit of circularity, can we raise the circular construction of housing at a higher level to a broad circular urban development? Are there opportunities to use flows better and does this have effects in the area? the spatial impact of this circularity on urban development in the region? What does this mean for the quality of the living environment in inner cities, for living environments, for work areas? “ (Source: website Novi Regio van de Toekomst)

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