Future living? Vision for housing association Havensteder

Future living? Vision for housing association Havensteder 2018-06-04T13:39:11+00:00

Project Description

The social housing association Havensteder launched a contest about social housing and living in the future. We focused on improving the socio-economic position of their target group and how their living and working environment can contribute to extra income, health and diversity. Our entry EXTRA is visible at the competition website: click here.

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Our vision: Extra
Socially vulnerable and low income groups are the target of the social housing association Havensteder now and in the future. The target group is experiencing more and more difficulties: robotics, new policies for care, automation, displacement by highly educated, cuts, etc.; al these changes affect their socio-economic position. EXTRA offers solutions to gain extra income and EXTRA care for socially vulnerable. An additional benefit is greater diversity in the home environment, the same applies to the commitment and revenue for Havensteder. How?
1. By renting EXTRA space to a tenant with a low income. The tenant rents the extra space to third persons and is “landlady” for students, a hostess for tourists and migrant workers, a concierge for a flexible workplaces or manager of a neighbourhood room. This generates income, room for a new group of tenants and diversity in people and functions.
2. In the Netherlands health care is changing and this offers new opportunities for low incomes groups by offering care to their neighbours. This is better for their wallet, but also for engagement and social cohesion inside housing complexes and neighbourhoods.
3. Diversify rent and give space for higher income groups. The target group assists these new tenants in their daily tasks, such as cleaning or doing the laundry, taking care for their kids, etc. The private sector tenants bring diversity into the building and additional income for the target group and Havensteder.
The future is in us and how we live together. This requires a new vision of organizations, rules and regulations, physical layout, income and care (subsidies, taxes, etc). The next phase of competition consists of setting up a rewarding concept for both locals and Havensteder.


Unfortunately we didn’t win.