Scenarios for the public space of the neighborhood Brukske

Scenarios for the public space of the neighborhood Brukske 2018-06-04T13:43:40+00:00

Project Description

The municipality of Venray and the housing association Wonen Limburg are evaluating the Master plan that they made 5 years ago ​​for the urban renewal of Neighbourhood Brukske .They have asked the studio of Rijksbouwmeester (state architect) for independent advice . We were then asked by the Rijksbouwmeester to give the advice.

The questions dealt with the role of public space . We examined this role by developing a number of scenarios that contribute to the social, economic and / or spatial development. The scenarios were evaluated by using the Impact Arena  of the SEV/Platform31. On the basis of the analysis, the scenarios and the impact a final advice was handed over how to continue the urban redevelopment of the neighborhood .

Brukske is a ‘ cauliflower neighborhood ” with all its typical problems and opportunities . We analysed and made proposals how this district can be valuable for existing residents and future residents. Public spaces , roads, facilities and housing could be developed and maintained in different ways to make the neighborhood more attractive and the strategy and design could enforce the economic , social and environmental development of the neighborhood.

In addition to an extensive report , we also made a ” game” that showed the spatial changes and the effects of these changes for the people and the neighborhood. The ” game” inspires and gives quick insight into environmental changes and effects .

FYI: Atelier Rijksbouwmeester gives independent opinions and advice . Click here for more information . The results of our research and advice were published in September 2013.

Client : atelier Rijksbouwmeester in collaboration with Wonen Limburg and the municipality of Venray
Execution : 2013