Concept and strategy to transform an industrial area

Concept and strategy to transform an industrial area 2015-11-02T11:24:08+00:00

Project Description

We developed a concept and strategy to transform the industrial area Cruquius in Amsterdam into a lively neighborhood. A perfect fit into the urban fabric, the Cruquius’ concept and a strategy create an opportunity for organic growth without losing in the end quality. Nicolaus Cruquius (1678 -1754) was a Dutch water engineer, cartographer and the founder of the meteorology. He started measuring the temperature in 1705. His passion is our concept for the industrial area. Playing as a water engineer with dry and rainy conditions and making the public space usable during good and bad weather, across the whole day and through each season, gives the new area high quality and usability. The public space generates a strategy to connect the area with the surroundings, to add quality to specialized points of interests, to make compartments with specific identities, and allow for organic growth in order to develop a financial feasible project.

Client: POF, Amsterdam 2010
Program: public space, housing and urban amenities