Energy in the city of in Arnhem in 2050

Energy in the city of in Arnhem in 2050 2017-05-19T10:09:03+00:00

Project Description

The team led by URBANOS was selected by the Municipality of Arnhem and the energy supplier Alliander to make a vision and a city design for the energetic panorama of 2050. The urban design needs to inspire residents, businesses and knowledge institutions to get started with sustainable energy production. Other team members are HetEnergieBureau , Praedium and Martijn van der Linden. In the period April / October 2012 an expedition was organized to make an Urban design. The team was be mentored by Winny Maas , Thomas Rau and many other experts.During the Future City Festival in October 2012 the design and model was exhibited and won the second price. It was possible to follow the process  or “The expedition” at the website

Our idea was focus on changing the behaviour of people by rewarding positive actions and the transaction system was the footprint. Therefore we designed the tax form for 2050 with a balance that took into account the money that you earned and the earth that you used doing so. If your footprint was too large, you could buy footprint from other people, invest in sustainable energy or be active in the local community. A low footprint was profitable, because you could sell your metres or receive extra benefits such as education, free use of shared cars and help in your house. The introduction of the system has a consequence that people obtain their food, energy and other products in a different way and they use their house, neighbourhood, city and region in a different ways.

More information is available in Dutch:

Presentation of the Eocbalance (Dutch only).
– Background information with facts, life styles in 2050, urban design, transition process, etc. (Dutch only)

Client : Municipality of Arnhem and Alliander
Execution : 2012
Program : expedition to create a vision and urban design