Launch Dream your own future

Launch Dream your own future

The results of the 2016 exhibition “Volksvlijt” deserved to be recorded in a book. On 14 November 2017, we launched the book “Dream Your Own Future”. The launch took place at the same spot where the exhibition took place in 2016; the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) at the Oosterdok. Together with Marieke Berkers, Mirjana Malovic and Zef Hemel, Pepijn Verpaalen from URBANOS has written the book and Thonik was responsible for the layout and design. The book provides an overview of the process and allows all designers to speak about of their own project.

Volksvlijt 2056 was an exhibition about the economic future of Amsterdam the metropolis. The exhibition served as a platform that brought together all citizens of Amsterdam to devise future perspectives for their beautiful city. Samuel Sarphati (1813–1866), founder of the Vereeniging voor Volksvlijt – the Association for National Diligence – was right: Everything that works begins with a dreaming. Without dreams there are neither plans nor a vital economy. Twelve designers challenged visitors to join them as they stepped into the future. Become like a child again. –> Dream your own future.

“Volksvlijt” was intended to reflect with all residents of Amsterdam on the city and the future of the economy inside the city. Three public workshops were organized for this purpose, attracting and engaging more and more citizens. The designers then visualized the ideas in designs, scale models and artworks. The final projects gave many different perspectives and hopefully inspired the visitors to work together on the future of the city of Amsterdam and/or the metropolitan region. Amsterdam is not the only city dealing with the question about the economy and engagement of its citizens; this question runs around the world.We think that the process of making the exhibition could help other cities to do the same and therefore  the book was written in English. We hope to inspire cities all around the globe to start with a collaboration between public, designers and other stakeholders. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Volksvlijt was initiated by Zef Hemel. Twelve teams of designers worked on a specific task at the exhibitions, such as food in the city, crowds or logistics. URBANOS investigated what the circular economy means for the port of Amsterdam, take a look at at the project page for the result of the circular harbour Amsterdam. Would you also like to receive a copy? Send an email to and we will forward your request to the publisher.

Would you like to get a first glimpse of the book, then click here for a short movie.

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