Drive18 User involvement for an inclusive society

Drive18 User involvement for an inclusive society

Drive18 : The annual Design Research & Innovation Festival is coming up again! On Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th of October, during the Dutch Design Week, DRIVE will take over the Natlab in Eindhoven. The common thread between these investigations is that design supports participation of people. In such a way that people be encouraged to take their own initiatives or have better conversations and understanding about each other about needs and solutions. The approaches/tools help to encourage people and facilitate. Instead of fixing and organizing it for them.URBANOS present at Drive18 its approach to involve users in their projects during the session “User involvement for an inclusive society”.

Talk: Circulair Neighbourhood by: Pepijn Verpaalen

Concerned with the limitations to communicate with communities through the traditional means of urban planners and designers, Urbanos experiments with tools of active participation. The goal is to bring complex issues like the circular economy to the daily life of residents and explore together what’s in for them. For example, a discussion about the circular economy started with preparing a meal with the participants or plastic fishing on the canals of Amsterdam; a new square was realized temporarily to allow people experience in real time the proposed design. In this presentation Pepijn will explain their approach and the results.

Talk: Libraries to an Inclusive Society by: Petra Doelen / Neele Kistemaker

Libraries spread knowledge and information. More and more outside the library, helping vulnarable people to participate in society. To participate people need skills to be able to read, write, and work with computers. It is complicated to reach these low-literates. Together with the Royal Library and ten libraries we use service design to reach vulnerable citizens. Service Design stimulates libraries to shape their services to their targetgroup and creates innovative solutions.

Talk: Fieldlab Social Cohesion by: Jos Feijen

The goal of this field lab is to research (develop, experiment, apply) new knowledge about ‘social cohesion’ in relation to societal challenges. About ‘human-centered solutions’ related to much needed transitions and about the possibilities of new technologies like VR and AR. That’s why the field lab facilitates short-term experiments/research projects where new technology (VR/AR), social and human science and creative industry meet. In short, the field lab experiments in iterative runs with solutions and the effects on the individual. This presentation focuses on recruiting of research projects (call)

You are welcome on the 24th of August at 1:30 PM at the Auditorium. You can buy your ticket for Drive18 at

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