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Project Description

It is well known that the Dutch cycle and more and more countries are wondering how they can promote this cycling culture to beat congestion, improve the environment and make people move. A bike lane is not enough, a holistic approach is necessary in which the orgware, software and hardware of a city work together. We, as urban designers and planners, are more focussed at the hardware to create a secure, direct, attractive, logical and enjoyable cycling infrastructure in conjunction with other forms of mobility and urban development.

The Dutch bicycle knowledge is world wide appreciated and we are a project partner of the Dutch Cycling Embassy and country coordinator Colombia to promote the bike culture. A couple of our recent international projects:

– On behalf of the Dutch Cycling Embassy a research was undertaken to find out how the Dutch government and NGO’s could help to promote the bike culture in Colombia and how the Dutch bike industry could benefit (2015). Click here to read the full report.

– A webinar was given to the local and national government of Costa Rica about the org, soft and hardware of biking.

– Panama would like to promote biking in the city centre (2016). A training was given to discuss the holistic approach and which role the different stakeholders have in making the cycling project a success.

– The theme of the Colombian Week of Transport was biking and as a present to this week a movie was made in which government officials explained their role at the national and local scale in promoting biking. Click here to see the movie.

– Presentations at several conferences such as Semana Nacional de la Movilidad Sostenible and the World Bike Forum. Interviews are published in El Tiempo, radio station “Baires en bici” in Buenos Aires, TeleMedellin and at “Plataform Urbana”.

Would you like to know more about the Dutch Cycling Embassy, then please click at the logo below:

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