Volksvlijt on Tour – Circular Istanbul

Volksvlijt on Tour – Circular Istanbul

After the exhibition, the book,  it is now time for Volksvlijt On Tour.

In collaboration with the NIT Istanbul and the Dutch Consulate a discussion is organized about participatory city planning. The text below is a copy of the NIT website:

Cities require planning in order prepare for the future. But cities also need dreams. Dreams about the city in the future, about the city that we want to live and work in. What are the possible pathways to creating visions and designs for cities that can blosom under the always changing circumstances that the future will undoubtedly bring?
The Municipality of Amsterdam recently supported the initiative of prof. Zef Hemel to ask 12 design groups to imagine the city of Amsterdam in 2056. The groups worked on themes from industry to food, from leisure to health, from ecology to smart cities, in many cases involving students, children and other residents. Their explorations and visions led to an exhibition in 2016 (Volksvlijt 2056) and a book in 2018 (dream your own future). More information, including the book, can be found at www.volksvlijt.amsterdam/

On May 29, we will bring together visions for the future cities of Amsterdam and Istanbul. Three Amsterdam-based designers present their Volksvlijt 2056 projects in Istanbul: Marieke Berkers presents The Playful City (on leisure), Pepijn Verpaalen Circular Port (on the circular economy) and Jarrik Ouburg Forever Young (on innovation in historical city centers). Urban planner Mirjana Milanovic (project leader Volksvlijt 2056, senior advisor at the Department for Planning and Sustainability of the Municipality of Amsterdam) will talk about the exhibition, the book and how the city works to turn visions into plans.
Three Istanbul-based architects, designers and/or entrepreneurs will present their visionary projects: Onur Atay, Yasemin Artut and Aslı Kıyak İngin.  Together, we will explore how these visions compare with each other and complement each other. How can Amsterdam and Istanbul learn from each others plans, designs and dreams?

We presented our project about the circular port of Amsterdam. Although the circular economy and transforming the port is not yet relevant in Turkey, the approach and participatory process is an important subject. The exhibition was made in collaboration with many people and explained in a basic way what is the circular economy and how it could a tool to make the port future proof. The side program of lectures, boat excursion and workshops made the theme and approach relevant for professionals, kids and other visitors.

We like making abstract themes such as the circular economy concrete and understandable. We do this with our tactical urbanism projects, but also with the circular economy. Recently we researched the circular neighbourhood and organized a workshop with local citizens to see if these ideas work in reality.


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